Our Firm provides services in all areas of law, including litigation, arbitration and legal advice. Our expertise comprises in particular the following areas of practice

Criminal Law

  • White Collar Crime and Compliance
  • Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters
  • Asset Tracing, Freezing and Recovery

Civil Law

  • Litigation
  • Arbitration
  • Family Law
  • Inheritance Law
  • Employment Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Art Law

Business Law

  • Commercial Litigation and Arbitration
  • Estate Planning
  • Contract and Commercial Law Insolvency
  • Competition and Trademark Law
  • Corporate Law

Administrative Law

  • Tax Planning
  • Immigration and Residence Permits
  • People and Companies Relocation
  • Construction Law


With offices located in Geneva, Lausanne and Sion, our law firm benefits from its global network of carefully selected reciprocal law firms ensuring efficient cross border case management.

Our core-philosophy is simple: advise to avoid foreseeable issues and overcome difficulties through an effective defence.

With a diversified heritage from the judiciary, bar, high level civil service and political world, the partners and their team work hand in hand and strive to provide bespoke services and solutions to their clients.

Our clients unique circumstances warrant the intervention of highly qualified professionals in order to provide them with comprehensive and tailored services.

Decades of practice have taught us a fundamental lesson:
experience matters.

Our clientele is composed of private and institutional clients from all over the world, as well as, governments.